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The Dark One

Ash and Kelly try to rescue Pablo, who is possessed by the Necronomicon. Meanwhile, Ruby prepares her master plan to control the evil of the Deadites.

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By Gadfly on Jan 3, 2016

As a storm gathers outside the cabin, Kelly tries to pull the Book cover off of Pablo's face. Meanwhile, Heather watches as Ruby explains that she wrote the Necronomicon. Now that she has it, she can unleash Hell on Earth. Heather heads for the door only to find the Deadite-possessed Amanda blocking her way. The Deadite flies into the room past the girl, and she grabs Ash's chainsaw before he can and swings it at him. Pablo begs Kelly to get the cover off, but then the demon occupying it take…

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Episode Discussion

SahibDM posted 4 years ago

One of my fav comedy show and also waiting for season 2!!!! I'm loving it.....HA HA HA LOL :)

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