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The no marks killer strikes again, and Vince and Dwight cover up the murder. Meanwhile, a darkness-based Trouble is killing people, and Nathan takes a team to the power plant to restore power before it's too late. In Halifax, Duke meets the daughter of an old friend who is eager to learn if she is Troubled.

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By Gadfly on Oct 9, 2015

Two weeks after the outbreak, The Guard is at the elementary school handing out food and supplies. Audrey and Dwight organize the Troubled and hand out flashlights because their newest Trouble kills in complete darkness. Dwight confirms with Audrey that they've lost power in the northwest block, and Audrey warns that people are starting to lose their temper. Audrey worries that it's going from bad to worse and goes to help someone. Nathan pulls up and tells Dwight that no one knows who is causin…

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cobraa posted 7 years ago

good episode

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