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The H Word

Matt, Jessica, Luke, and Danny try to get on with their lives. But the Hand has plans for New York City and won't tolerate interference.

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By Gadfly on Aug 18, 2017

In the sewers of Phnom Phen, Cambodia, a man and woman swordfight. The woman finally takes down her opponent and prepares to strike the final blow. Danny Rand knocks her down but she throws her blade and Danny manages to deflect it. The woman attacks him and then manages to stab her first opponent in the chest. As Colleen Wing arrives, the woman runs off and Danny goes after her. She doubles back and slashes his chest, and Danny summons the Iron Fist and punches at her. The woman disappears back…

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Episode Discussion

JoEmme posted a year ago

How come Misty Knight doesn't have her Rand Bionic Right arm in this serie - Misty was having the special arm when Danny Rand was in Central Park in "Iron Fist"... What's up with Marvel, they don't go according to their original storyline/?

GSwarthout posted 3 years ago

Painfully slow start. Nothing of note happens until the last 5 minutes.

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