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The abducted heroes return to Earth and tell the others about the Dominators' plans. Meanwhile, Martin deals with the daughter he never had until he altered the timeline, while Steel, Vixen, and Heat Wave go back to 1951 to capture a Dominator.

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By Gadfly on Dec 2, 2016

Oliver and his team return to the SAR Labs hangar after dropping Thea off. The assembled heroes figure that the Dominators abducted Oliver and the other non-superpowered team members to find metahuman vulnerabilities. Nate says that he's been reviewing the old Army footage and knows where they can find a Dominator. The Dominators' first invasion was in Redmond, Oregon, in 1951, and Nate proposes they travel there and question a Dominator. Cisco wants to go, and angrily dismisses Barry's suggesti…

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Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted 4 years ago

"You know what's funny? She really kind of looks like my cousin!" LOL.
Loved that Brandon Routh Superman reference,

pentar posted 4 years ago

All three of the Invasion! episodes written and directed by the same team. I imagine they shot 3 to 4 hours of footage and edited down into 3 pieces for broadcast. I bet they take a nice vacation after this effort.

kanza posted 4 years ago

Yep got say they did wrapped this crossover pretty good ,slightly lite on action there but decent conclusion!

JAGUARDOG posted 4 years ago

This was the best episode ever of Legends. I loved this 4-part event!

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