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Pilot Episode


i'm not sure why they are putting this on.  the chances of any super hero shows being on this channel this fall is pretty  much zero.

Ratings Roundup for the Week of March 19, 2023 Article

Ratings Roundup for the Week of March 19, 2023

quantum leap down in viewers and ratings.  like you said probably going to be that way it's entire run.  i really am going to stop looking at these.  it's been renewed so what does it matter.  i'm really excited for the finale next week.

Ratings Roundup for the Week of March 12, 2023 Article

Ratings Roundup for the Week of March 12, 2023

@LadyShelley wrote:
That will depend on who you ask. Since no network show can even draw an entire ratings point these days, I base my analysis more on the viewer numbers than the rating. In reality, the networks don't use these numbers at all. I write my articles based on Final Overnights. Basically the adjusted numbers from the fast overnights that take into account things like time zones. 

The numbers that the networks base their decisions on are the C3's. (Commercial 3-day) so the accumulated numbers for the first three days an episode is available. In theory, this captures viewers who record and view later. Remember the networks aren't interested in how many people watch the show. They are interested in knowing how many people watch the commercials as that's what pays the bills. The networks can charge more for the adverts that run during Chicago Fire, for example, but have to charge a lot less for Grand Crew because so few people watch it.  As a result, Chicago Fire gets renewed and Grand Crew likely gets cancelled in the hopes of something else (say Night Court) will bring in a larger audience.

The general public does not have access to the C3's, but the Final Overnights get pretty close. 

Anyone hyping up the 7-Day or even worse 30-Day numbers are selling something. The networks don't really care at that point, and more importantly, the advertisers don't care at that point, since the ads are likely getting skipped. Those pumped-up numbers might look good, especially on a press release, but the PR people know the facts. They are hoping you don't. :) 

Does that help or is it waaaay more info than you wanted?

no it was helpful.  thanks

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