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Ghosts (2021) - S02E04 - The Tree

CostaDax posted a month ago

Hi, Aidan! I hope you're in good spirits and excellent health!

According to the edit log, it was you that added the information regarding the guest cast of the episode The Tree of CBS's Ghosts. I was wondering where this information came from. I just watched the episode and there were several noticeable differences between the information you added and the onscreen credits.

1) Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton as Protestor, Francesca Gosselin as Ulster worker, and Hazgary as Ted the Arborist are listed on screen as co-starring, not as guest stars. I'm guessing this was a slight oversight, so I corrected the entries according to the onscreen info.

2) What is more puzzling is the fact that you added Kegona Brazeau guest starring as Lenape Villager. However, according to the onscreen credits, Keggy is co-starring as Lenape Villager. The name Kegona Brazeau does not appear on screen. I checked IMDb if those two names refer to the same person, and according to IMDb, they are not. Kegona Brazeau has her own IMDb page and she does not appear in Ghosts, whereas Keggy has a different IMDb page and she is the one that appears in Ghosts. Perhaps IMDb is mistaken and those two are indeed the same person, but I can't find anything online to verify that. I was wondering where the name "Kegona Brazeau" came from in connection to Ghosts.

3) You added Pierre-Alexandre Vollant guest starring as Lenape Villager #2. However neither the actor nor the character appear anywhere in the credits, and this actor is not even listed among the cast of the episode on IMDb. Again, where this information comes from? I moved Pierre-Alexandre Vollant from guest stars to uncredited because that's what he is, but I cannot confirm that he really appears in the episode. If you cannot confirm his appearance, he should be deleted altogether.

I don't mean to put you in a tight spot and I hope I haven't. It's just that it was really surprising to find these discrepancies because your work as a rule is pristine. I'm sure there is a good reason.

Please get back to me when you can.

Take care!  :)


Aidan posted a month ago

Hi there.

The information come from CBS's press releases (mirror if you're outside the .us) that they put up a week or three before the episodes airs.

Unfortunately they sometimes have smaller inaccuracies and typos in them. 

Those press releases also don't distinguish between guest and co-stars so it's common practice that everyone gets added as guest with the assumption someone corrects it after the episode have aired.

For CBS I catch all of these mistakes on their drama shows, but on the comedies I either don't watch them or I'm hopelessly behind so it's more noticeable there, I guess.

Any more questions just hit me up, cheers :)

CostaDax posted a month ago

Thanks for getting back to me so fast! I was sure there was a good explanation. The press release is a good source but according to the Data Policies, onscreen credits are a better source than press releases. The link to the press release was very helpful though. Thanks again, Aidan! Cheers! :)

Aidan posted a month ago

Onscreen credits are obviously the best source.

If you look at the edit log you'll see I added this 10 days before the episode aired and any info from press releases should absolutely be verified/corrected once the episode is available. Which you did, so great work!


wmulder posted 6 months ago

CBS pulled the finale of FBI although the episode was streamed the same night.

Aidan posted 6 months ago

That's a different outlet than what we have set for that show, so the airdate should be left blank per our season consistency rules.

B Positive

NathanDrake83 posted 10 months ago

Hi pal! Could you please avoid adding cast appearances to episodes before they air? Press releases are often incorrect, I had to ask to delete some multiple times.

Just wait for the episode to air, so we can be sure people will actually appear!  :)


Aidan posted 10 months ago


Thanks for the heads up but I will not stop adding information from press releases.

Whether you have to add or remove cast info it all adds up to the same, edits have to be done.

For more context 80% of the shows I add press releases for are procedurals on CBS that i also watch and make extensive edits on, including cast appearances.

My weak spot are their comedies, I guess, so if there's any repeat offenders there so to speak, just give me a heads up and I'll try to avoid those.
I'm thinking in the lines of Mark Harmon still being listed as main on NCIS despite having left, that sorta thing.

Cheers :)

NathanDrake83 posted 10 months ago

Sure, I was referring to B Positive only, it's the only show I follow where I noticed that! My only suggestion, if I may, is to add the appearance of Darryl Stephens (Gideon) in the main cast, he was promoted for season two.

Anyway, no problem at all, now that I have "the powers" too I can edit them on my own!  XD

Cheers!  :)

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, episode "Cher, Sam Williams" for April 20, 2021 (

tvjjbj12 posted a year ago

Thanks, Aidan for helping with this one. Hope all is well with you and your family at your end of the planet.


One Day at a Time (2017) revived

JoeSullivan posted 3 years ago

I can't post news, so... since you posted the news that it was canceled:

The reboot of One Day at a Time, canceled earlier this year by Netflix, has been picked up for a fourth season by Pop.

Aidan posted 3 years ago

Looks like kevin87 beat me to it :)

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