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Aidan's talk page

Media Watch

BazzaG posted 28 days ago


I see that you have added a whole bunch of episodes to Media Watch:

Please note there will be NO episode of Media Watch on April 1st as this is Easter Monday (a national holiday), just like there has been no Media Watch on previous Easter Mondays. So episode 9 & all subsequent episodes will need to be adjusted accordingly.

On the other hand, I do see that you got right with all the Four Corners episodes that you added, ie. no episode listed on April 1st.

I'm not sure I see the point of adding so many episodes when networks can & do make changes. For example, I know that the ABC has made changes to the number of Q+A episodes that will be broadcast this year ... mostly only when federal parliament is sitting. Australian Story that is before Four Corners is broadcast in blocks of generally 8-10 episodes & then has a break for a few weeks. I'm not aware of any significant changes to either Four Corners or Media Watch but that could happen.


Aidan posted 27 days ago

Hi BazzaG

The episodes were imported from tvdb and you're right its too many episodes too far ahead, so I've deleted them.

Don't be afraid of correcting stuff like this without asking :)




test2000 posted a month ago

Stop adding double investigator name in Tatort episode names.... all episode names in TVmaze have ONE investigator name, namely the main investigator... it does make zero sense to start with double investigator names just because you like it more. Thanks.

Aidan posted a month ago


Doing a little investigation it looks like the episodes you mentioned have been imported when we sync/scan for missing episodes. 
Feel free to rename any episodes you think have the wrong name.

Cheers :)

The 1% Club on Seven

BazzaG posted 3 months ago

Hi Aidan, I see that you updated The 1% Club episodes for S02E04 & above. Please note next weeks episode (4th Dec) of The 1% Club is listed as a repeat in the TV schedules and as far as I'm aware any further episodes between now & February 2024 are most likely to be repeats as well since the Australian 2023 ratings period ends this coming W/E.

This why I removed the dates but not the episodes themselves ... just in case Seven pulls a swifty !!!!



Aidan posted 3 months ago


Sure thing, those dates came from the importer, so them being wrong is no big surprise

Keeping the episodes was smart, there's some locks on re-adding deleted episodes, so this makes it easier for more people to edit :)

It's quite possible the dates comes up in the importer again, so I wouldn't be entirely shocked if they get re-added, so keeping an eye on them wouldn't hurt 



BazzaG posted 3 months ago

I have no idea what this "importer" is but it would seem to me that if it adds episodes (and possibly other details) incorrectly then it shouldn't be used.

The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper

tvjjbj12 posted 3 months ago

Hey Aidan. 

You added this episode with an air date on Saturday, August 26, 2023. It is the same as "Trump and the Georgia Conspiracy," which aired on Sunday, August 20, 2023. I remember seeing a reference for it on August 26, but CNN did premiere it on August 20. I did not want to make any abrupt changes without your input. 

I hope this Christmas season finds you and your family well.

Aidan posted 3 months ago

Hi, thanks for the heads up

I've removed it, as usual this is from futon where it's listed as a fresh episode.
In the future don't be afraid of correcting stuff like this, you know these shows a lot better than I do.


Cheers :)

tvjjbj12 posted 3 months ago

Ok, I will. I guess I can be too cautious sometimes. I wish to avoid "update wars." Thanks as always for your help.  

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