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SteveZilla's talk page

News policy

tnt posted 11 days ago

Please check the news policy
Only the topics listed there are considered newsworthy. News covering other events, i.e. someone's wife's pregnancy, should not be added.
Aside from that, if your news article gets deleted first try to find out why it happened (e.g. by asking in forums), instead of posting the same news again.

SteveZilla posted 11 days ago

Yeah, I was wondering if I already posted it or not. So that's all right. Good to know.

Super Sentai

Any way to edit date?

TheAGames10 posted 2 years ago

Hi I just wanted to ask you if you made the Power Rangers Beast Morphers episode 1 page not able to allow anyone to edit the airdate for the first episode, because we got an official premiere date for Beast Morphers from Hasbro at an Investor's meeting at Toy Fair earlier today!

SteveZilla posted 2 years ago

No, someone else has already edited the correct date.

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