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The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos

The Doctor and her companions respond to nine separate distress signals all originating from the same planet: Ranskoor Av Kolos. There they discover a stranded ship, an amnesiac pilot... and an old foe.

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By Gadfly on Dec 10, 2018

On the planet Ranskoor Av Kolos, a man and women look around. The woman, Andinio, says that it's where their journey stops. Her companion, Delph, is surprised that she's making the planet their place. Andinio tells Delph that he's ready after 17 years, and that's what he's trained her for. `Delph complains that she built up doubt in him, and Andinio says that was the point to teach him that they more they know, the less they understand. He worries wonders happens if he fails, and Andinio tells h…

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Episode Discussion

casper1701e posted 5 years ago

One more thing tho...ironically, this was the best episode of the entire season.

casper1701e posted 5 years ago

I second the majority of that. This has been the most disappointing season ever and I never thought it could actually happen. Like I said from the beginning, Whittaker was a good choice-IF they just HAD to put a woman in the role. But this is not the show for it I'm sorry to say. Let her regenerate again...but into a man. Maybe it'll actually improve the writing again.

Draidor posted 5 years ago

This week I watched ‘The Women of Doctor Who’, a DW Special from the summer of 2012. It was so amazing to see and be reminded of all those strong female characters again. Characters with so much spirit and depth. Each one of them a character who was easy to admire. I encourage everyone to watch it if they can find it.

Think about all the amazing female characters we have met over the previous ten seasons: Rose and Jackie Tyler, Donna Noble, River Song, Clara Oswald, Amy Pond, Martha Jones, even minor characters like Harriet Jones, Sally Sparrow, Agatha Christie, Liz Ten, Yvonne Hartman and many more.

Then we get to this latest season. The “It’s About Time” season – as if no woman had ever had a chance to shine on Doctor Who before this. And instead of another amazingly strong, smart, insightful and compelling character, we get a lead character who seems to have been brain-damaged during her regeneration cycle. Not the actor’s fault, I blame the horrible writing.

I was really looking forward to this season. Compared to what it could have been the whole thing was a huge disappointment. I’m glad it’s over.

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