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The Devil in the Details

Lucifer takes Sam on a trip through Sam's memories to convince him to agree to possession. Meanwhile, Castiel goes to determine if Amara is dead, and Dean and Crowley come up with a plan to send Lucifer back to his cage.

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By Gadfly on Jan 21, 2016

Crowley is in his pajamas opening presents on Christmas night. A stunned looking Rowena comes down and stares at him, and someone bangs at the door. Lucifer--dressed as Santa Claus--finally kicks in the door and wishes everyone a merry Christmas. He impales Crowley with a spiked candy cane and Crowley collapses dead at Rowena's feet. Lucifer then asks Rowena if that's what she really dreams about. She says that it's a nightmare she can't wake up from. Staring in surprise, Rowena realizes who her…

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Episode Discussion

pentar posted 4 years ago

"Hey, snappin' necks and cashin' checks is what I do." - Lucifer

Best line of the series. lol

wildandwild posted 5 years ago

Always great to see Colin Ford as young Sam. He's amazing.

JCuervo_a posted 5 years ago

Great episode.
It is always good to see Mark Pellegrino, he's a tremendous actor.
The start with Crowley in pajamas, Rowena and Lucifer as Santa was hilarious.
Misha Collins, Castiel, really made a very good impression of Lucifer.
Now the darkness and the devil loose on earth !. Let's see how continued...

cairns1986 posted 5 years ago

Amazing episode.

'I'm back baby' - moment of the season

Lucifer in Castiel's vessel is awesome.

tnt posted 5 years ago

Awesome episode, good old Supernatural is back! So many priceless moments: "Camptown Races" as password to Hell, Lucifer dancing to the "Heaven Must Be Missing an Angel" and kicking everybody's asses, Crowley in pajamas and Rowena with antlers and glowing nose, Lucifer, dressed as Santa, and of course, famous "ASS-BUTT"!))))

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