Past Perfect

A couple opens up a unique bed & breakfast in Castle Rock. Meanwhile, Henry learns that the B&B house holds an answer to the Kid's past, and suspects that the Kid is responsible for Alan's death at Ruth's hands.


By Gadfly on Sep 1, 2018

The Past Gordon and two other college professors listen to a student's presentation on psychology. Finally, Gordon says that the student fucked his wife and clubs him in the head with his notebook. Now Gordon and his wife Lola drive in silence through the countryside. Earlier during Molly's open house, Gordon asks if they'll include the lawn. The couple unloads their things and set the house up as a bed & breakfast. Gordon lays out mannequins throughout the house, while Lola f…

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Episode Discussion

jerry1970 posted a year ago

After the disappointing previous episode (too focused, the flow and speed and tension of the series was broken) I was hoping it would go back. For the first half it didn't, but the end made up for that. Back on track, I hope!

ViscaElBarca posted a year ago

Best episode so far! Fantastic, fuckin' loved it. So much gore and dark atmosphere.

Myshows posted a year ago

The score at the end was amazing!

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