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Parents of the Band - Episode Guide

Season 1

Episode 1

Episode: 1x01 | Airdate: Nov 28, 2008

Episode 1

Phil Parker is taking a huge interest in son Jack's band, much to Jack's dismay. Jack and his friends Granville and Eddie only formed the band to have a bit of a laugh and in the faint hope of attracting girls. But Phil has other ideas - he is convinced Jack's band could be the next big thing if only they'd take it seriously. One thing is for sure: Eddie needs to get a proper guitar instead of the bouzouki he's been playing up until now. (Yes, it may be part of his Greek heritage but it's just not a rock and roll instrument).

With his knowledge of the music business (he had a hit single in the 1980s that got to number one in the Balkan territories), Phil decides to take creative control of the band (whether the boys like it or not, it seems). Phil may be a cabinet maker now, but no-one can take his silver disc away from him. However, Phil is unprepared for Granville and Eddie's parents, Ashton, Carmen and Sandy, being equally passionate about having a say in the future of the band. On the plus side for Phil, Eddie's mum Sandy is very attractive and he wastes no time in asking her out.

Meanwhile, the boys turn their attention to auditioning for a lead singer. They find an unlikely candidate in overconfident rich kid Adi Kundra - he doesn't have the best voice but does live in a huge house which would be perfect for band rehearsals.

Phil is a bit concerned about how Jack is coping since he and Jack's mum divorced. When Phil's mate and work colleague Kipper mentions another roadie from the old days is now tour manager for Radiohead, Phil reckons he'd go way up in Jack's estimation if he could score some tickets. Kipper promises to sort it.

Episode 2

Episode: 1x02 | Airdate: Dec 5, 2008

Episode 2

The band lands their first official gig, playing at Adi's birthday party (on the condition that Adi sings lead, of course). Adi says he is going to post the invite on the web. Will they finally settle on a band name before the gig?

Jack tells Phil the band wants to rehearse at Eddie's house for a couple of days, just to kick some ideas around (Plus, for Jack it's a chance to be near Eddie's gorgeous big sister, Lucy - not that she would even notice him). Phil is a bit miffed at first, as he can't see what's wrong with Jack and the boys rehearsing at home as normal. On the plus side, though, Phil gets to see Sandy when he takes Jack's drum kit over there. He asks Sandy for a drink that evening, but is annoyed to learn she has been invited over to Ashton and Carmen's. Phil is suspicious that they will be having a meeting about the band without him.

Meanwhile, Jack is horrified when his dad tells him he loves him twice in the space of twenty four hours, especially as he's not sure what has prompted it. Maybe he banged his head?

Rehearsals at Eddie's turn out to be more eventful than expected when some local hoodies, attracted by the noise, appear on the doorstep. Luckily for the band, the hoodies' appearance coincides with the impromptu arrival of Phil and Ashton. Phil immediately sends the hoodies packing. It transpires that Phil and Ashton both have quite pathetic excuses for turning up. The truth is they just can't stop themselves from checking up on the kids.

At the birthday party, Adi is ecstatic that most of the audience are babes - he reckons they'll be throwing knickers at their heads! The gig is going well until the hoodies from earlier show up (it seems they saw the invite on the web). Will they be so easy for Phil to get rid of second time around?

Episode 3

Episode: 1x03 | Airdate: Dec 12, 2008

Episode 3

Jack, Granville and Eddie are on school work experience. Jack is at the law firm run by Granville's dad, Ashton. Marketa is thrilled as she would love for Jack to become a lawyer, but Phil is appalled by the idea. He thinks Jack should concentrate on the band.

Granville is overjoyed with his placement at Sandy's salon, where there will be lots of fine ladies. And Eddie will be working with Phil, where the plan is to make him his own guitar. But Sandy is anxious about Eddie working with all those carpentry tools - he might lose a finger!

Phil is hoping for another date with Sandy, so promises to take very good care of her son. Adi just reckons it is weird that they are all working for each others' parents.

Meanwhile, Phil is horrified to find a packet of cigarettes in Jack's room. Phil blames himself - why can't Jack just smoke pot like a proper muso? He confronts Jack and makes a deal: if Jack packs in the cigarettes, he will pack in his coffee. But, unsurprisingly, Phil finds that cranberry juice just isn't the same as a good, strong coffee and it is not long before his caffeine withdrawal starts to take effect...

Episode 4

Episode: 1x04 | Airdate: Dec 19, 2008

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Phil is in a good mood when he receives a royalty check for his 1980's hit. It may only be for 72 pounds and 50 pence, but hey, it means he can afford a night out... a night out with Sandy.

Jack is smitten when he meets the new girl at school, Inge from Denmark. When he learns that Inge sings, he is convinced she would be a great addition to the band. Granville and Eddie are not so keen, as Adi is their lead singer and they do not want to stab him in the back. Phil is also troubled at the prospect. As far as he is concerned, having a woman in a band only leads to strife and heartache, which is the last thing he wants for Jack. However, when Phil sees how hard Jack has fallen for Inge, he relents.

When Sandy, Ashton and Carmen learn that Phil has made a decision about the band without them, it does not go down well. But when Phil plays them the track he has recorded with Inge and the band, they see that maybe he was right after all. And luckily for Phil, this also means that his date with Sandy is still on. But how will Adi and his father, Daneesh, take the news?

Meanwhile, Jack can hardly believe his luck when Inge invites him round to her house, especially as it looks like her parents will be out. But he has never been in this position with a girl before. What should he do? Get advice from the just as un-worldly wise Granville and Eddie, of course.

Episode 5

Episode: 1x05 | Airdate: Jan 2, 2009

Episode 5

The boys are less than thrilled by the news that Phil expects them to play at his parents' fiftieth wedding anniversary party. If the other kids at school find out they do gigs for pensioners, they will be a laughing stock. Consequently, Phil runs into trouble with the other parents who feel that, once again, he has made a band decision without consulting them. In their view this is an official gig booking, and Ashton in particular is affronted not to have even received an invite. He believes that as co-managers of the band they should be there.

Meanwhile, Phil's grumpy dad, George, is not keen on all the fuss that is being made. He cannot see why they are not just staying at Phil's house instead of a fancy hotel. Despite Phil's best efforts George insists on being grumpy and antagonistic, and it seems Phil cannot do anything right. His mum Mary, on the other hand, is looking forward to the party and being spoilt. However, Phil is apprehensive when he learns that Mary has invited Marketa to the party. He has already invited Sandy, and the last thing he needs is a showdown.

The day of the gig arrives and the boys still don't have a name for the band, but the party turns out to be not so bad after all for Granville, Eddie and Adi when they meet Jack's cute cousin Emily and her two friends. Phil hopes that things will stay civil between Marketa and Sandy, and George still refuses to enjoy himself. However, events take a sudden and unexpected turn when George passes out in the middle of the band's set. Jack is horrified; has their music killed his grandad?

Episode 6

Episode: 1x06 | Airdate: Jan 9, 2009

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Phil is surprised to learn from Jack's headmaster that the band has entered the school talent contest. He did not even know there was a school talent contest, and believes that talent contests just aren't rock and roll. Phil is even less impressed to learn that it is Sandy who entered them. He calls for a band meeting but is taken by surprise when Marketa announces that she will be at the meeting too.

Phil is totally overruled at the meeting by everyone, including Marketa, but brightens when Sandy invites him round to her place for a cosy dinner.

Jack plucks up the courage to ask Lucy if she will come and support the band at the talent show, but is disappointed when she makes it clear she thinks that it is lame and has no intention of being there.

Meanwhile, it looks like the band has settled on a name at last: 1-2-3-4. If the band is going to be doing the talent show, then Phil feels it is essential to whip them into shape with extra rehearsals. He becomes even more adamant when it emerges that the boys will face tough competition from another band, and a girl band at that. Phil reckons this means they will need to get a PA, lights, pyros, the works. He even gets Kipper involved as a roadie.

Kipper takes his role seriously, even getting special backstage passes made and hiring security to make the band look more professional. However, this move backfires somewhat when Kipper's security man refuses to let a pass-less Phil backstage. Added to that, Phil has problems with the pyros, and the band costumes Sandy has designed are far from ideal. Despite all the mishaps the show does go on, and to Jack's surprise, Lucy is there. She even tells him she thought the band were really good. Could it be that Jack has a chance with Lucy after all?

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