TVmaze wishlist megathread

david wrote a year ago: 1

I know, there are already a few places where we ask for your feedback: we have an entire forum section dedicated to voting on pending features, this forum for suggestions, and we listen to your variety of feedback on our blogs or social channels. On top of that we have our own internal issue tracker with a wishlist long enough to keep us busy for the next couple of years. But we've been around for a while now so those lists are full of both recent and older suggestions which may or may not still be relevant.

I'd like to use this thread to gather everyone's latest feedback: if you could dictate one single improvement to TVmaze, what would it be? Feel free to think inside or outside the box and suggest fixes/additions to existing functionality (from a casual visitor POV e.g. adding additional types of information, for editors specifically e.g. editing tools, for API users) or something completely new.

Please limit yourself to a single post in this thread, and to a single suggestion in that post. :)

tnt wrote a year ago: 1

For user: advanced search. Restrict search for people or show, lookup by character names, birthdays, release date etc.

Thomas wrote a year ago: 1

I would love to see more information being displayed in regards to actors and series.

For actors you could think of place of birth and stuff like this for example.

For series, would love to see more information regarding music and stuff like that. Also comment section for the entire series would be a nice addition :)

VortX wrote a year ago: 1

Tagged Shows endpoint for the User API with get, add and remove functionality

Aidan wrote a year ago: 1

Here's a aesthetic one that's quickly becoming one of my pet peeves *shrug*.

On the shows episode pages sort the guest cast in order of importance so that guest stars are listed before co-stars.

There are two major benefits to this;

1) The most prominent and relevant actors in that specific episode will be listed first instead of minor co-stars.
2) The actors that will be listed are more likely to have a picture which makes the page look better without any big grey boxes.

JuanArango wrote a year ago: 1

I would like to see an official link to the user contribution board somewhere, unofficially we can see it, but a nice official link would be rad!

TonyMayhew wrote a year ago: 1

Sorting people profiles so that shows they actually starred in appear in the show images at the top of their profiles rather than some crappy talk show they appeared in just once.

RaveDave wrote a year ago: 1

A way to get directly from the episodes list page to the update episode page, as currently you have to go the episode and then to the update episode page which wastes considerable time when you are editing a significant number of episodes.

gazza911 wrote a year ago: 1

Edit In Place (example implementation) to be added for things like titles and the show info box.

Possibly a setting would be used for if it's active or not.

tl;dr Change information without leaving the page you're on

LadyShelley wrote a year ago: 1

Only thing I've got is having some sort of alert system for the writers to know when someone comments on their articles.

FHFbVB1Mkd3 wrote a year ago: 1

Bulk tools. Simple example would be "watched" or "skipped" for a whole season (and/or "skipped till here" on watchlist like the mark watched bulk option.) More complicated example would be assigning a cast member to all episodes of a season.

albedos_shadow wrote a year ago: 1

For me, the option to include specials in my watchlist is priority number one. Doesn't have to be mandatory, a simple toggle would suffice.

Calamaz wrote a year ago: 1

More statistics! Like

LouisWu wrote a year ago: 1

Have incremental searches come up with more natural partial results.

Hanii wrote a year ago: 1

Display your tags on watchlist

Display your tags on show details page

heyted wrote a year ago: 1

Please allow episodes that are marked as acquired to be differentiated in the free ical feed using a unique color or any other method.

momijigari wrote a year ago: 1

Being able to search using IMDb #, would be handy for shows with generic names.

Cecile wrote a year ago: 1

Having a 'to acquire' list, in addition of the watchlist

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