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Ratings Roundup for the Week of October 24, 2021


ABC announced full-season orders for The Wonder Years and Home Economics last week. The Wonder Years wasn't much of a surprise, at least until the last couple of weeks its numbers were steady with the rest of the Wednesday comedy block. Home Economics was a bit of a shock. Its numbers have not been anything resembling good. A Million Little Things returned last week and gave up its last place drama spot to Queens. Don't expect either show to be renewed. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
College Football1.36.2 
Dancing with the Stars 0.74.9 
The Bachelorette0.72.8 
The Goldbergs0.63.1 
America's Funniest Home Videos (rerun)0.54.2 
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune (rerun)0.53.9 
Shark Tank0.53.6 
The Conners0.53.3 
The Good Doctor0.44.1 
The Wonder Years0.42.6 
Toy Story Of Terror0.42.0 
Supermarket Sweep (rerun)0.41.2 
Home Economics0.32.0 
A Million Little Things0.31.9 
Thursday Night Movie: Toy Story 40.31.7 
Queens (rerun)0.21.0 
The Wonder Years (rerun)0.20.8 

CBS ran mostly repeats last week. NCIS: Los Angeles was steady. Young Sheldon gained a tenth. Bull managed to pick up four-hundred-thousand viewers but that may not be enough to save it. CSI: Vegas had even ratings, but lost two-hundred-thousand viewers it couldn't afford. The lack of any additional episode orders for the freshman show is also telling. Fans may want to brace for the worst. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL Overrun4.617.8 
60 Minutes1.410.5 
The Equaliser0.87.8 
Young Sheldon0.76.9Renewed (through 2024)
NCIS: Los Angeles0.65.8 
United States of Al0.54.9 
The Neighborhood (rerun)0.54.1 
FBI (rerun)0.44.3 
B Positive0.44.1 
Bob (Hearts) Abishola (rerun)0.43.7 
SEAL Team0.43.6Import
FBI: International (rerun)0.43.3 
Tough As Nails0.42.8 
NCIS (rerun)0.33.4 
CSI: Vegas0.33.3 
FBI: Most Wanted (rerun)0.33.2 
NCIS: Hawai'i (rerun)0.33.0 
48 Hours0.32.5 
SWAT (rerun)0.23.1 
Magnum PI (rerun)0.23.1 
Blue Bloods (rerun)0.23.1 
Magnum PI (rerun)0.22.1 
Blue Bloods (rerun)0.22.1 

NBC had a workmanlike week last week. Chicago Fire lost a tenth, Med and PD were even. The Blacklist lost a tenth off its premiere. La Brea picked up a tenth, while Ordinary Joe lost a tenth. Home Sweet Home was steady, but don't expect to see it past the holidays. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
Sunday Night Football4.416.1 
Football Night In America3.212.2 
The Voice (Monday)0.86.9 
The Voice (Tuesday)0.86.7 
Chicago Med0.76.8Renewed (through 2023)
Chicago Fire0.76.8Renewed (through 2023)
Chicago PD0.75.6Renewed (through 2023)
La Brea0.65.2 
New Amsterdam0.43.5Renewed (through 2023)
College Football0.42.0 
The Blacklist0.32.7 
Ordinary Joe0.32.4 
Dateline (Friday)0.32.4 
Law & Order: SVU (rerun)0.32.0 
Law & Order: SVU (rerun)0.31.9Renewed (through 2023)
Home Sweet Home0.21.3 

FOX feasted on sports last week. The Simpsons gained a tenth. Bob's Burgers, The Great North, and Family Guy were all steady. The Big Leap shed two-hundred-thousand more people. Fans should enjoy what episodes remain, as it's done. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
NFL: Thursday Night Football3.213.0 
MLB: World Series Game 12.510.8 
MLB: World Series Game 22.210.3 
MLB: World Series Game 31.99.4 
MLB: World Series Game 41.78.2 
The Simpsons0.61.8Renewed (through 2023)
The Simpsons (rerun)0.51.6 
Bob's Burgers (rerun)0.51.6 
Family Guy0.51.4Renewed (through 2023)
Bob's Burgers0.51.2Renewed (through 2023)
The Masked Singer (clip show)0.42.3 
The Great North0.41.2Renewed
The Big Leap0.21.0 

The CW had a couple of premieres last week. All American opened about where it ended in May. Walker was down a tenth, but its viewer numbers were about even with the end of last season. The rebooted 4400 opened to good numbers and shouldn't be in any danger. Legends of the Hidden Temple managed to pick up one hundred thousand viewers. Killer Camp was preempted for repeats of Masters Of Illusion with the reruns managing to pull in one hundred thousand more viewers. 

ProgramRatingMillions of ViewersRenew/Cancel
All American (premiere)0.20.6 
Walker (premiere)0.10.9 
DC's Stargirl0.10.6 
4400 (premiere)0.10.5 
DC's Legends of Tomorrow0.10.5 
Scooby-Doo Where Are You Now0.10.5 
Whose Line Is It Anyway?0.10.5 
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (rerun)0.10.5 
World's Funniest Animals0.10.5 
Nancy Drew0.10.4 
Legends of the Hidden Temple0.10.3 
Masters Of Illusion (rerun)0.10.3 
Masters Of Illusion (rerun)0.00.3 

Freshman shows will know their fates in the next couple of weeks when back nine orders go out. (Or don't.) How are your favorite shows doing?

Written by LadyShelley on Nov 1, 2021


LadyShelley posted a month ago

@gmpugs wrote:
Based on what you were saying about the ratings for Home Economics getting lower, I'm not complaining it got a full season order. Nice to see that Wonder Years and Ghosts also got full season orders too.

Home Economics was a surprise based on its numbers. I wonder if it was more to keep a hole plugged in the schedule than anything as I don't know what other half-hour comedies the network has in the works. If that is the case, the show has the rest of the season to pull its number up to where it's closer to the rest of the comedy block in order to get renewed. 

gmpugs posted a month ago

Based on what you were saying about the ratings for Home Economics getting lower, I'm not complaining it got a full season order. Nice to see that Wonder Years and Ghosts also got full season orders too.

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