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eXit strategy

Marcos turns to a former girlfriend for information on the convoy that is taking Reed and Lorna to a secure facility. Meanwhile, John and the others plan a rescue, but things go amiss when it turns out that Jace has a mutant of his own.

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By Gadfly on Oct 24, 2017

Two Years Ago: Mutant Relocation Facility, Georgia John and another mutant, Pulse, wait outside of the facility and wait for the escapees to reach them. They hear gunshots and one mutants run up, saying that the others are dead. The guards open fire, and Pulse runs in and shorts out the automated weapons. However, a guard shoots Pulse and kills him, while John is forced to watch before running away. Now At Sentinel Services, Jace brings Lorna in and he tells her that she'll only be ther…

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casper1701e posted 4 years ago

OMG yet another mexican whore wannabe bad-ass drug cartel boss...gagfest.

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